the art of flavour meets
the science of nutrition

Each gnubees™ pouch contains protein, fibre, and 15% of all 26 recommended vitamins and minerals. Equally important is what's not here: empty calories, artificial ingredients, sugar crashes or anything GMO.

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Fuel your day with the unmatched nutrition and flavour of gnuFUEL. Cold-brewed coffee and premium nutrients are combined in a grab-n-go pouch designed to get you from the boardroom to the seawall, without missing a beat.

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from our family
to yours

We think you deserve the best so we're turning the traditional beverage model upside-down.

Our story

The gnu

What we put into us becomes us

We start with the understanding that our physical and mental health is directly affected by the quality of our nutrition.

We formulate our own beverages

The science of nutrition combined with a gourmet’s attention to flavour makes for healthier and better tasting beverages.

We produce our own beverages

We produce our own beverages in a way that respects both our customers and the world we share.