GnuFuel Blueberry

Coffee and Blueberry may not be a flavour you'd think to put together... but you'll be glad we did!

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GnuFuel Vanilla

Cold Brewed Vanilla Latte. Tastes like the treat you crave, with the nutrition your body needs.

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GnuFuel Mocha

Mmmmmm. Mocha. Coffee and Chocolate. It's a classic for a reason. And that reason is... yummm.

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GnuFuel Matcha

Cold Brewed Matcha with a touch of cream. If you like green tea icecream, this gnu's for you.

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The benefits of gnuFUEL®

Real coffee for real flavour.

We start each batch of gnuFUEL by cold-brewing our organic Fair Trade coffee for a full 15 hours. Once the brew is complete, we carefully remove the beans before blending in cream, complimentary natural flavours, and our premium nutrient blend. And for the tea lovers among us, we replicate this process with Green Matcha Tea Leaves for a deliciously smooth and creamy taste.

Balance is a good thing

Life is full of peaks and valleys but your nutrition shouldn’t be. Each gnuFUEL pouch contains 15% of all daily nutrients because studies show that bioavailability is maximized when nutrients are absorbed in moderate levels. In addition to that, the presence of protein and fiber work to balance and sustain the energy delivery making gnuFUEL crash free. So when your grandmother told you “everything in moderation” she was simply referencing solid nutritional science.

You’re busy. we get that.

You’re busy living, but that doesn’t mean nutrition has to take a backseat. We make gnuFUEL to serve your active, adventure packed, get-things-done kinda days. Always handcrafted for the best in nutrition and taste, then packaged in our lightweight, spill-proof, and environmentally conscious pouches… we’re ready to go when you are.