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Making Drinks Better

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We Make Drinks Better

The grocery industry has a dirty little secret… it’s MESSED UP. The corporate bottom line is prioritized over consumer health, making quality ingredients an afterthought. As food scientists and consumers, we can do better. After all, your mom was right… you are what you eat.

Drinks production plant


We believe LOCAL is better. That’s why we spent all our dough to build our own facility, so we can produce our highly technical beverages in-house, with the care and integrity of a craftsperson. We source ingredients locally when we can (sadly not always possible) and produce locally in small batches to preserve freshness and quality, and we invest in our environment by doing our absolute best to reduce our footprint.

Measuring out flavouring


Science matters. We formulate our drinks based on nutritional science, not fads or marketing trends. Led by co-founder Ron, a Food Scientist and leader in the food industry, GnuSanté’s R&D team works continuously to develop beverages which provide optimum taste and nutrition.

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We believe in a brighter tomorrow and are committed to doing our part. We make drinks, so we strive to make the best drinks possible for the health of our consumers and the planet we share.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

- Margaret Mead
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Why pouches?

Aside from it being super convenient to shove into a backpack, they are also better for the environment.

Did you know that pouches have the lowest package weight to product weight ratio? (in coloured font)

In fact, for every truckload of beverages in pouches, you would require 26 truckloads in bottles. YIKES! This means less raw materials are used, less waste and less carbon emissions from transportation!

Water droplet
60lbs of beverages
50lbs of glass bottles
Small Box
only 1.5lbs of pouches

Local sourcing

At GnuSanté we try to locally source ouringredients as much as possible, we would like to recognize our local supply partners.

Map - British Columbia