A Gnu way

At GnuSanté we believe that our consumption choices are some of the most important decisions we make every day. That’s why every GnuSanté product is carefully crafted with only premium, non-GMO ingredients, with the express purpose of delivering real nutritional benefit to you and your loved ones. We select ingredients based solely upon respect for our customers, their health, and the health of our planet. It’s how we like to work, and it’s what we think you deserve. We believe in uncompromised quality—not mass production, not hype, and not spin. That’s the Gnu Normal.

Making drinks the Gnu way


Select nutritional objective

This is pretty much what it sounds like. We brainstorm ideas for delicious beverages that will achieve a specific nutritional goal... for example, "a convenient snack that offers more nutrients per calorie and with less grams of sugar than anything else on the market." Ta da! The idea for gnubees™ was born!


Formulate to achieve our chosen objective

After our fruitful brainstorming session, Jacqueline heads down to her lab, and for the better part of a year (or two) attempts to craft a beverage that is both delicious and achieves our objective without compromise. Through trial and error and literally hundreds of scrapped ideas, revisions and taste-tests, we end up with something the entire team is thrilled with, and we're tough to please! This isn't rocket science but it's close!


Batch it, pack it, ship it

(And all this happens in 1600 square feet... Needless to say, we're cozy!)

After we agonize over which caps are easier for people to open, which spouts are better to drink from, and which pouches are more environmentally friendly, we finally choose the packaging for our product. Once that's done and we're ready to rock, we all go downstairs to the production plant and make a batch of drinks! Since we produce our product fresh in small craft batches, we do this step often.

Last but not least, we pack the pouches as orders come in, and deliver them to your door. Boom!

The Team

Ron Kendrick (CFSc)

President, Coffee Maker, Handyman, Fork-lift Driver.

With 35 years in the beverage industry, Ron can officially be classified 'drink guru'. From his start in 1978 as a lab technologist for Pepsi, to Vice President of a major beverage corporation, Ron’s passion for innovation and quality without compromise has been constant throughout his career. As President of Catalyst Development, he still consults to various beverage companies both domestically and internationally.

Ron started GnuSanté with the vision of building a better beverage company that puts the customer first. Ron has a strong interest in animal welfare, gardening, music, and enjoys the outdoors. Go Oilers!!

Chris Chiu (BSc)

Supply Chain Manager, Filler Operator, IT Hero.

Chris is our Supply Chain Manager and resident "Most Interesting Man In The World". He has a Bachelor of Food Science Degree majoring in Nutrition from the University of British Columbia and was a Nutrition and Inventory Coordinator in a baked goods company before joining our team. A huge sports fan, Chris is an avid supporter of both the Vancouver Canucks and Manchester United. When not at work, Chris can be found playing soccer, or curating his ever-growing sneaker collection. Stay thirsty my friends.

Jacqueline Cornejo (MFS, BSc)

Research & Development Lead, Production Room Deejay.

Born and raised in Mexico City, Jacqueline received her Bachelor’s Degree in Food Chemistry from the National Autonomous University of Mexico before moving to Canada to obtain a Master’s in Food Science from the University of British Columbia. Jacqueline currently leads the R&D team where finds herself “on the bench” developing prototype formulations and investigating new and interesting ingredients for our products. A music lover, Jacquie’s lab can tend to sound like a break-up scene from a tele-novela as she plays classical music while she works. In her free time, Jacqueline watches NFL, brews beer, and enjoys early morning runs. Go Jets!!

Erica Gutierrez (MFS, BCHE)

Technical Services and Quality Assurance Manager, post-holiday Cleanse Organizer.

Erica is our Technical Services Director and Quality Assurance Manager. Originally from Mexico, she has a Degree in Chemical Engineering from La Universidad de Sonora, and a Master’s Degree in Food Science from the University of British Columbia. Erica has worked in various sectors of the food and beverage industry both in Canada and Mexico, including Dairy, Bakery, Meat and Carbonated Beverages. Before joining our team, Erica worked for Pepsi. When Erica is not safeguarding our beverage quality or exercising her true passion of organizing protocol binders, she spends time jogging, going out with friends, and travelling. If she tries to talk you into a cleanse, don't make eye contact and walk away.

Sarah Wall

Sales & Marketing, Gopher, Snack Bringer.

Passionate about accessible nutrition for kids, Sarah comes to our team from the music industry where she worked at Bruce Allen Talent as part of the management team for artists including Michael Bublé, Bryan Adams, Jann Arden, Bob Rock and Martina McBride. Leaving it all behind for the exciting, rock n’ roll world of health beverages, she now heads up our sales and marketing department. Officially at the “soccer mom” stage of life, she can usually be found out on a soggy field with her two children, at home sharing mediocre wine with great friends, or recuperating from a cleanse Erica made her do.

Environmental Impact

We're all on this planet together so we do our best to make sure our impact is minimal.

We say no to GMO's

In addition to using organic ingredients whenever possible, everything that goes into GnuSanté products has non-GMO certification. This is not only for the health of our consumers, but also our planet. Genetically modified crops have been proven to have sweeping negative environmental effects including the impact of GM resistant crops on soil ecosystems and insects, as well as creating herbicide tolerant superweeds.

Read more here: http://www.nongmoproject.org/learn-more/what-is-gmo/

We use pouches

Why is this a good thing? Well aside from it being more convenient for you to shove into a backpack, it’s also better for the environment. Do you know that pouches have the lowest package weight to product weight ratio? For example, it would take 50 lbs of glass bottles to hold 60lbs of beverage, compared to 1.5lbs of pouch packaging. This means less raw materials are used, less waste and less carbon emissions from transporting all that packaging! In fact, for every truckload of product in pouches, you would require 26 truckloads for product in glass or plastic bottles! YIKES!

Small is mighty!

We are proud to say we're small. Bigger is not always better, especially when it comes to environmental impact. We're thrilled to have built a production facility that, although small, is mighty in terms of output per square foot. Here's why Mother Nature loves our plant:

  • Smaller and less equipment means less energy consumption, and less natural gas for steam generation.
  • Wasted product is a fraction the amount of a typical beverage plant.
  • Less detergents and chemicals are required, and the ones that we use are the most environmentally friendly available.